The Most Safety Products for Cleaning Clothes

Have you ever taken your clothes to a professional dry cleaner? The chances are really high that your clothes were cleaned with perc. Fortunately, there is a way to clean your clothes without intoxicating workers and the environment around us. Nowadays dry cleaning problem has gained a media attention. The reason for that was that the environment around us and people’s health are getting worse and worse. It has been discovered that the reason for that was the thing...

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Why Origanic Dry Cleaning Is Best For Your Garment?

When it comes to dry cleaning, most people just drop off their clothes at the dry cleaner without any concern of what happens to them. You might have probably noticed a faint smell that emanates from the freshly cleaned clothes. Most people don’t worry about the smell but in the real sense, it should shake you to the bone because it is a health risk. That is the smell of perchloroethylene (perc), a volatile organic compound, which is a...

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The right way to clean clothes that the machine seller would never told you

When it comes to clothes washing , presumably a lot of lazy people will accumulate many clothes and wash it together? Although this seems to saves time, the laundry detergent perhaps also the electricity bills, but if you know that in fact, the clothes did not clean well and this doesn’t meet your goal of cleaning clothes.The following several ways to wash clothes is often happened with many people, see what mistake you have ever made? Laundry several mistakes:...

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